OverworkedI run into business owners daily that are frustrated by how chained to their business they are.  The reason for their frustration is that they started their business so that they could have MORE freedom, but just the opposite seems to be true!  This is because they built their business as a job and not to create business self-sustainability!

I’ve written a lot lately on the topic of business self-sustainability.  There is a reason.  It’s because it’s my passion!  It’s our mission at DE, Inc.:


Help owners achieve business self-sustainability in their business by providing a “do it yourself” small business growth model with all the resources, tools, and training to support owners in successfully addressing management or leadership issues.

Getting there is simpler than most “so called experts” will have you believe.  Now, I said SIMPLER, not EASIER!!!  Business self-sustainability is a big goal.  But, it is achievable if:

  1. you are willing to make a main objective of your business plan.
  2. you have a sound and proven method for getting there.

Well you are the owner of your business, so making business self-sustainability a priority and goal of your business is completely in your control.  You may not have known how to get there, but there is actually a proven method that is at your disposal and it’s it’s called SPARC or Strategic Planning and Recovery Cycle.

SPARC is the framework that we’ve used at DE, Inc. for more than a decade to help small business owners create self-sustainability in their business.  Here is a new video that we produced that will give you a better idea of how SPARC works:

 [jwplayer mediaid=”2416″]

If you’d like to get more information about SPARC just check out the DE, Inc. website at http://dinoeliadis.net/business-solution/ .  If you are ready to just get started in applying it I would recommend that you signup for our Business Accelerator Assessment which will get you going on the first 3 steps in less than 10 days!

We, there you have it.  Business self-sustainability is closer than you might think.  It just takes a commitment on your part and you can have the freedom you set out to have when you started you business.  Get started today!!!