In Success Step 1 – Define You Passion, you got a better idea of what success really looks like to you – both personally and professionally.   Now you need to apply this new found understanding to your business.  You do this by creating a business vision.

Creating a Business Vision

You create a business vision by asking the question “how do I want to use my business to achieve success as I have defined it?”  This is important for many reasons, but my previous post title 3 Ways Clear Vision Contributes to Business Growth does a great job of describing it.  There is no use rehashing the same thing over again.  I suggest that you just read the previous post to get a clearer perspective on why business vision is so critical to business growth.

Now that you’ve read about the importance of business vision, share your experience having use vision yourself as a way to clarify what you were doing and why?  What was the result for you?  And, how do you suggest others could make your experience work for them to achieve their own success?