Climbing a Mountain2Businesses plan for growth all the time.  The difference between the successful ones is that they executed the plan!

It seems kind of simple.  But, how many times have you planned something and then never followed through?  Business execution is just a fancy word for “follow through.”

Business execution takes commitment and discipline.  So does a successful business.  This is why execution is so important to business growth and success.

Now don’t get me wrong, strategic and tactical planning are still very important.  However, plans are useless if you never take action on them.

Taking action is another one of those things that I see a lot of business owners focused on.  This is one of the traits necessary for someone to step out on their own.  However, if the action is not directed toward a specific future outcome, or vision, then it’s nothing more than wasted time, money, and resources!

Execution and Action Aren’t the Same Thing

The difference between action and execution is that business execution is directed action.  That is it’s action that has a specific purpose toward achieving a strategic outcome.

This is where the SPARC framework, which is a strategic and tactical planning process, I speak to all the time comes into play.  The first 5 steps in the process are all about understanding what and why you should be taking action.  Now we want to take a look at how you turn the plan into reality!

Over the weeks and months to come, I plan to spend a great deal of time on this critical topic.  I discuss the things that are critical for successful business execution and what management and leadership skills you need to master in order to move your business growth forward.

Can’t wait, shoot me an email and tell me what you’re struggling with.  I have decades of experience and have probable seen your situation more than once!  Let’s get you moving forward toward success.


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