CHANGE is the Main Purpose of Every Project

Change - compass to new direction

A good friend and associate of mine, Stacy Goff, has been saying for years that project managers are agents of change.  I’ve always believed this was true, however as I’ve begun my journey down the execution “rabbit hole” it has become even … [Read more...]

8 Critical Factors for Any Succession Plan

Resistance Diagram

As I presented in my previous post Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning Which Do You Use?, the primary goal of any succession plan is leadership transfer.  So, you can imagine that things can get a little tricky. One of the biggest reasons is … [Read more...]

Successful Succession Planning – 9 Things to Consider!

Succession Planning

Succession planning is something too many small business owners think about too late!  Many don’t even think about succession planning because they believe that they will just sell their and that’s the end of it. However, even with the sale of a … [Read more...]

What Is a Self-Sustaining Business?

Man in Gears

I talk about a creating self-sustaining business all the time.  In fact, it’s what we do a DE, Inc.! Assist small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business. But, what does a self-sustaining business really look like?  And, how do you … [Read more...]

Tuning Your Revenue Engine – A Real World Story

Businessman Juggling

Last week I discussed how fear of taking action can be the killer of dreams.  One reason business owners don’t take action is they don’t understand the cause and effect of their business actions. The week before last I wrote about how you can … [Read more...]

2 Operationally Goals Help You Achieve the Success Stage

Success Stage Decision

Here we go again.  It’s decision time!  If you’ve done what was necessary at the existence and survival stages of the growth cycle you should be able to make the necessary decision now. As you will recall from my previous post Is Indecision … [Read more...]

2 Marketing Objectives Speed You Thru the Success Stage

Marketing in the Success Stage

Before you can successfully marketing in the success growth stage, you must decide what you are trying to accomplish next with your business.  Read my previous post titled Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success? to better understand … [Read more...]

4 Key Sales Factors in Achieving the Success Stage

Team Increasing Sales

The past few weeks I have been sharing the how the sales function evolves as your business matures through the growth cycle.  First we looked at sales in the existence stage and then sales in the survival stage. Now, we want to look at how sales … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Make THE Decision at the “Success Stage” of the Grow Cycle?

Achieving the Success Stage

OK, so you’ve figured out that you are stuck in no-mans land.  You understand the goal and objectives to achieve the success stage of the growth cycle and are working on it.  But, when you get there you will be faced with a critical decision – do you … [Read more...]

2 Entrepreneurial Competencies That Lead to Business Growth

Handing Off Baton

Several weeks back I wrote a post titled Entrepreneurs Build an Asset NOT Just a Job .  In it I began to present the difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs.   While there are many differences and similarities I find a key … [Read more...]

Is Your Company READY to Achieve the Success Stage?


In my last post titled 4 Owner Objectives to Achieve the Success Stage of Business Growth we explored success stage.  I talked about the 4 areas that an entrepreneur/owner needed to focus in the following 4 areas for the business to achieve the … [Read more...]

4 Owner Objectives to Achieve the Success Stage of Business Growth


Success is the common goal of every entrepreneur.  However each entrepreneur defines success very differently.  Whatever your definition some key criteria and decisions are needed before you can start. First, you must make sure you have already … [Read more...]

Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success?

indecision dice

The success stage of the small business growth cycle is a tipping point for your company but many entrepreneurs don’t even realize it.  In a previous post titled At What Stage is Your Small Business Growth? I discussed the major goal of each stage of … [Read more...]

No Man’s Land – Stuck Between Small Business Survival and Success


A great family and friends, beautiful home, nice cars, regular vacations, all the material things you could ever want.  Your life is a dream.  Sound familiar or like what you want for your life? I meet small business owners all the time that live … [Read more...]