So, you want to accelerate startup growth.  A while back I wrote an article title 4 Key to Creating a Profitable Business.  It covered the objectives critical for startup companies to get out of the foundation stage.  The recommendations are as solid startups as well as anyone whose business does not consistently breakeven every month!

2 Things to Accelerate Startup Growth

documenting process accelerates startup growthYou can accelerate startup growth even more by doing two more things.  First, learn to documents everything you do.  You can be formal about this or just practice simple journaling. The purpose of this exercise is to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.  As you begin having success you can go back and determine your formula for successfully breaking even the month that you do.

Documenting process is important later because you need to create systems for everything you do in the survival and especially the self-sustainability stages of the business growth model.  So, get in the habit now.  It will make this necessary skill much easier later when it becomes critical to moving to the next stage of growth.

Delegate and Accelerate!

delegating to others can accelerate startup growthThe second thing that you can do to accelerate startup growth is teach someone else your “breakeven formula”.  By teaching someone else you begin demonstrating the leadership skill of delegation. Delegation is a skill you’ll need to master later if you hope to further accelerate startup growth so that you can become independent and financially free like you dreamed of when you started your business.

Not only will delegation be critical in later stages, but now it helps you hand-off responsibility for the company’s monthly breakeven to someone else.  Now, you can concentrate on more the more important goal of the survival stage – profitability!

It’s not a requirement to document and delegate in the foundation phase.  But, these are skills that you must master if you want to become a true entrepreneur.  Also, the faster that you can hand off the responsibility of covering the business’ “monthly nut” the more strategic you can begin thinking about the next stages of growth.

I would be interest to hear from any business owners out there that haven’t documented their breakeven process.  Do you feel pressure every month to cover the businesses expenses?  If you followed the suggestions presented here, do you think you sleep better at night?  Try it and let me know if your stress level is reduced at

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