Personal Change - compass to new directionSome of the most difficult work I do with small businesses is getting owners to embrace personal change. We ALL have strengths and weaknesses. It is usually the weaknesses that keep us from performing at our peak potential.  When these owner weaknesses are not addressed and the owner is at the helm, the everyone suffers as a result. Our article Leading to New Horizons of Success has a great message along this topic.

Personal change is the first phrase of the DE, Inc. tag line. It is also the first step in achieving real success! If you have the talent required to achieve success as you define it for yourself you would have already achieved it.  If you’re not there yet, the first place to look for success is within yourself. What personal changes must you make in order to achieve that which you seek?

Personal Change is Hard – So Get Help

This is a challenge we all face. I struggle with personal change myself. The best way to get through it is with help.  Seek the assistance of someone you trust and respect. Then ask them for help!  Most people are happy to help a friend in need.

Another good place to look is with the assistance of a coach.  There are hundreds of coaches out there.  Find someone that has the skills you need to help you in the areas that you struggle, whether it’s personal or business. Make sure you feel comfortable with them. DE, Inc. offers business coaching services. We would be honored if you had the confidence in us to assist you you’re your transition.

The faster you get through this personal change the faster you will realize success. Share your stories of personal change with us here by providing your comments with the positive results that have come from change for you – both personally and professionally.

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