Creating Success Means Getting Past Your Negative “Personal Speak”

After last week’s leadership post titled “Do You Have the Courage to be the Leader Your Business Needs?” I’ve had a lot of conversations about the big part a small business owner’s personal growth plays in business growth.  No argument here at all.

During the same period I was sent a personal story of a friend that literally blew me away!  After reading it I began to look for answers to why some people just can’t get past things while others just mow them down.  Carrie is one of those people that just mow things down.

During my evaluation and many discussions I remembered a lesson I learned many years ago when reading Tony Robbins’ first book Unlimited Power.  Our brain is one of the most powerful search engines on the planet.  It will give us the answer to any question that we ask it.

Think about that!  If you ask it “why can’t I make my business work?”  Then it will search for reasons to support that question.  In fact, you will get all the negative things that you can think of to support the question you asked.

If you change the way you ask it just slightly to, “how can I make my business work better?”  Guess what?  You’ll get answers that help you make your business work better!  This small distinction creates a huge impact.

Here is a powerful story of positive thinking from a personal friend, client, and strategic business partner Carrie Rokozs, owner of Rokozs Studios.  Carrie applied this kind of positive thinking and didn’t even realize what she was doing at the time, but look at the result she created for herself!

      [Read Carrie’s Story Here]

After reading Carrie’s story tell me, exactly what is it that you say you CAN’T DO?!!!!!