I have been doing some intensive thinking for marketing purpose this past week. In the process I stumbled upon an interesting realization about our target market – small business owners.  As I looked for what motivates our best prospects, I came to the conclusion that most got in business because of their passion.  This is key!  You’ve no doubt read or heard business people say “you have to have a passion for what you do.”

Because most small business owners are pretty passionate about what they do, most will tell you, “I have a passion.”  So, they’ll be successful, right?

Here is the rub.  They’re passionate about what they do – making widgets, painting houses, building highways, or whatever they do.  But, to have their dream they had to go into business.  It’s the second half of this reality that sucks the life right out of many small business owners’ passion.

When business owners come to me the first thing I do with them is a personal and business goals assessment.  I almost always find that owners have lost sight of why they originally got into business.  This usually is at the core of why they are miserable, hate their business or life in general and are looking for a way out.

Does this sound like a familiar story to you?  I’ll tell you the magic formula to fix the problem.  Just spend some time thinking about why you got into business in the first place.  Find the passion and I guarantee you’ll find the fire that once drove you.  Find the fire and you’ll jump out of bed in the morning like you did when you first started your business.

If you don’t know where to start to “find the passion” give me a call or check out our Personal and Business Goal Assessment special offer.


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    Stephen Dinnell
    April 27, 2011

    I thank you for shareing the comment on my facebook wall. I would have to say that I really want to provide better for my children, better than what was done for me. Not that I wasnt raised right. I am an Independent representative with LogoWear Direct. I come up with new Invention, and Business Ideas, and Im stocked full of advise. The thing is I cant seem to find the financial advise to realy Start…

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      Dino Eliadis
      April 27, 2011


      Thanks for the comment. Your situation is a very familar one with most busiess owners that I coach and consult. However, the inventor/engineer clients are often in a little different situation. Their passion is in the things they build and they have little desire to be a “business person.” That being said the big shift in thinking that they must make persoanally is either to learn the business side and become an entrepreneur OR find a partner that is passionate about the business side of things.

      Letting go can be tough! Even I struggle with this, but it is necessary if we are to move forward in our lives – personally or professionally. If you’d like some help in this area, feel free to contact me offline via.

      Thanks again for your excellent and very candid comment.

      – Dino Eliadis

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    September 15, 2011

    At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posnitg!

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