Do You Know Your Business’ Growth Cycle Stage?

Do You Know Your Business’ Growth Cycle Stage?

This month’s focus is on the growth stages.  This is one of those critical topics that nobody really talks about.

A business matures just like a person.  If left to chance you can see the level of maturity of people.  A business is no different.  So, you need to understand the business growth stages, and where you need to focus in order to mature and grow your business.

One of the first posts I published At What Stage is Your Small Business Growth?, I outlined the stages.  This is a good place to start if you don’t currently know the stages.  The video below also may help you better understand the stages of the growth cycle.

Two additional factors impact growth – leadership and management factors.  Leadership factors relate directly to the way the owner leads the business.  While the management factors relate directly to the things that we usually attribute to business — marketing, selling, delivering service or product, etc.

You can quickly see if either one of these 2 things get out of alignment then your business’ growth suffers.  You can read more about leadership and management factors in my previous post title Small Business Growth Simplified.

Why am I rehashing all this past information?  Well, because if you are struggling with problems of growth it’s for the same reasons as it was back when I wrote these other posts.  But, DE, Inc. has a big announcement next week that will help you determine you business’ growth issues and strengths.  Getting caught up on these topics now will help you understand why our announcement is so big!

Can’t wait?  Then email me and let me know you’d like to get involved in final testing of this our latest small business growth tool!

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Dino Eliadis has over 25 years experience in creating and leading high performance teams and organizations. His talents spans many different industries where he focuses on assisting small business owners to make measurable improvements in overall business performance thus increasing their “book value” by Tuning the Revenue Engine. The result: increased productivity and improved revenue growth, leading to maximized profits.

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